Katharine McPhee is Getting Divorced & Pulled A Ross From 'Friends' With This Excuse

Do you ever wonder if David Schwimmer ever sits down and really thinks about the cultural impact he made when he screamed "WE WERE ON A BREAAAAAK" over and over again throughout six seasons of Friends? Probably not, but we can dream. Especially when it has such cultural influence as it does in TMZ's reporting of Katharine McPhee's divorce, which features big letters screaming "I DIDN'T CHEAT, WE WERE ON A BREAK" 'Cause it turned out McPhee's been separated since before that whole cheating scandal erupted — at least according to the legal papers.

McPhee filed for divorce from husband Nick Cokas very recently, but if the documents — or rather, TMZ — are to be believed they initially split up on March 15, 2013. That date's also known as the Ides of March, but in McPhee history it's also known as before she was spotted mackin' on Smash director Michael Morris — also known as not her husband — in October 2013.

McPhee and Cokas publicly attempted a reconciliation this past March, a year after their initial split, but it obviously didn't stick. But hey, at least the world got to make a few "we were on a break" jokes this week; everyone knows we'll all starve without them.