Stacey Dash Officially Joins Fox News but Wait! I Still Love Dionne!

Excuse me, Miss Dionne — Stacey Dash is officially becoming a Fox News contributor. The rumors are unfortunately true — it was confirmed Wednesday that the 47 year old Dash will join the network as a commentator. The executive Vice President of the network Bill Shine confirmed gleefully: "Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints amongst her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we’re pleased to have her join Fox News." Ugh.

Why is it so beyond irritating that Dash is joining Fox? Maybe because Dionne from Clueless is one of the sassiest and best characters from any '90s classic; she's practically a legend with those braids, those hats, the glares she reserved for those questioning the head-shaving she gave her low-pants sporting man, Murray. But, unfortunately, as her joining Fox proves, we must stop conflating our favorite characters with their real-life personas, because that's just gonna cause us pain.

Alicia Silverstone, the other Clueless fave, has also expressed a number of WTF? opinions regarding motherhood, potty-training, and vaccination. So as much as I wish that Dash was not of the conservative right, I have to remember that Miss Dionne has nothing to do with Stacey Dash.

Dash endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012, first on her Twitter account, and she later penned a letter explaining her vote. Overall, it was heartbreaking and confusing. Aren't ALL celebrities liberal?! Especially the ones who are iconic in our girl-movie canon? Please?

Alas, we can't turn away any longer, and we have to admit that our faves are problematic. There's a whole Tumblr out there that tells us exactly what our celeb heroes have done wrong, to bring us back down to earth. So while I'm still sad that Dash is joining the circus, it doesn't make me any less reverent of her role in Clueless, because she can't take away something so sacred. So check it.

Images: Tumblr.