Topless Lily Allen Dances to Drake Song in Spanx & Defines "Cool Mum" — VIDEO

I don't know about you, but sometimes I do silly dances around my apartment. It's what being an adult with your own place is all about. Why pay your hard earned cash for rent if you can't shake that thang in a dress fashioned from your shower towel? While I'm sure these moments look totally ridiculous, I can say with near certainty that none of them have ever reached the level of Lily Allen's new mirror dancing video. Lily Allen posted a video of herself dancing to Drake while wearing only Spanx on Instagram and lord knows why. It's possible she just wanted to share the carefree experience with fans, but more likely, she was dancing and thought of the "Cool mum #drakespanxdance" caption and just couldn't let it go to waste.

Regardless of the reason, the world now knows what Lily Allen looks like wearing flesh tone Spanx and dancing to "Started from the Bottom." Allen keeps her breasts covered with her arm across her chest — gotta keep in line with Instagram's strict nudity policy! — and proves that no matter your way of life or ridiculous undergarments of choice, dancing in the mirror while getting ready is fun.

Allen has two young daughters and while she may be a "cool mum" now, I'm thinking if they get a look at this video in about ten years they just might disagree.