Justin Bieber's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Appearance Was Disgraceful — VIDEO

Scores of Beliebers eagerly awaited Justin Bieber's So You Think You Can Dance debut Wednesday night, and since they adore literally everything he does, they probably loved it. But if you're not blinded by all things Biebs and you caught the segment, your reaction probably fell more in the realm of mine, which was distinctly underwhelmed.

Bieber and his choreographer Nick DeMoura stopped by to introduce a new segment where different dance crews will compete for your Twitter votes to get a chance to perform at the finale. But for someone who claims he's a huge fan of the show, Bieber sounded kind of bored giving the intros for the two dance teams. You could tell he was reading from a teleprompter, and he just didn't seem all that into it. SYTYCD brought Bieber on the show in an attempt to increase viewership and a bigger Twitter presence, but Bieber certainly didn't motivate me to want to vote online. He appeared uninterested whenever he wasn't interacting with DeMoura and instantly shut down whenever he looked toward the camera.

Maybe Bieber dipped into One Direction's pot storage before doing the segment, because he looked out of it, and sounded tired. Plus, he didn't even dance! Sure they showed some footage from his Believe movie, but not any shots of Bieber dancing. Instead, we watched some backup dancers and a close-up of Bieber turning his baseball cap backwards. I wanted to see some Bieber moves! Or at least to see him shimmy a little in his seat. Or for him to just be excited. Like, at all.


Bieber will be back throughout the competition to introduce more dance crews, so let's hope they didn't shoot all his stuff in one day. That way, maybe next time, he'll be a little more amped up. Because after all, this is a show about movement and excitement. Bieber owes it to fans of the show to appear a little more like he wasn't forced to participate.