The Scripps National Spelling Bee happened Thursday night, with two winners for the first time in over 50 years. And while Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar may have taken home the joint crown, it was the absolutely incredible Jacob Williamson who won the collective hearts of the Internet with his overwhelming enthusiasm for the competition — even though he didn't come in first.

In true Immediate Gratification Generation fashion, you can already buy merch with this charming little guy's face and catchphrases, even though the event happened less than 24 hours ago. The indie artist based site, Red Bubble, is selling three Williamson-printed tees that cover the entire range of emotions he went through when he got the word "kabaragoya" ("I TOTALLY KNOW IT!") and then spelled it wrong ("WHAT?!"). And with summer coming up, you really can't afford to have a shortage of graphic tees.

These hyper-topical tees come in 21 different colors, so you can pick one up for all your friends and start a little Williamson fan club gang cult. They go perfectly with a plaid button down, wire rimmed glasses, a sweet pair of your favorite belted khakis, and an inspirationally positive outlook on life. You can score each print for $25.95 on