'The Butterfly Effect' Is Getting a Reboot, And No One Cares: 6 Other Films That Didn't Need a Remake

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Confession time: I actually have a serious soft spot for the bizarre and disturbing Ashton Kutcher film The Butterfly Effect. Yes, this time-travel drama sometimes made no sense and featured way too much beard on Kutcher, but what can I say — if it's on TV, I'll be watching it. According to reports, the 2004 film — which spawned two terrible sequels — will get a reboot in 2014. But just because I happen to have an affinity for The Butterfly Effect doesn't mean that I have any interest in seeing a reboot of the film. Still, it's not the only film that we can't believe is getting remade. Whether we want the original film to be left alone — or thought the original was too awful to warrant a rebirth — here's a list of films that shouldn't be redone. Image: New Line Cinema

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