We Need A Favor, Maks And Meryl...

There are people who are meant for one another: Jack and Rose. Noah and Allie. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. (I had to name one couple that really exists, right?) But of all the couples that we know are destined to be together, there's one pairing that we all know, in our hearts, are meant to be... now, if only they would get onboard. Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis and her professional dancer partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy stole the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars and, in the process, managed to steal all of our hearts. Yet, despite Maks & Meryl's longing stares, playful banter, and insane chemistry these two aren't partners off the dance floor — romantically speaking, anyway. (Even if we know Maks & Meryl are soulmates deep down.)

Until these two talents wake up and realize that they are crazy not to be together, we're going to have to settle for having them in one another's lives in a platonic and professional way. But don't pout yet — just because we won't see Maks and Meryl's children anytime soon doesn't mean that we've seen the last of them as a duo. There's one show that we would love to see Maks and Meryl reunite on and that's a certain other dance show: So You Think You Can Dance.

(Yep, please keep telling me that you two aren't dating IRL. Please, keep up the lies.)

Think about how perfect a So You Think You Can Dance Maks & Meryl reunion would be. I mean, if So You Think You Can Dance can get Justin Bieber (correction: if this show wants Bieber) then they should totally want these partners crossing over into their dancing competition. Here are the ways that So You Think You Can Dance can create a mini Maks & Meryl reunion. (Because, come on — we all really, really want it.)

As Chemistry Coaches

Yes, Maks is a professional dancer and Meryl is the Olympic champ in ice dancing, but we don't need them to teach these dancers any moves — there are enough choreographers and trainers for that. These two should be hired ASAP as the show's first set of chemistry coaches — if an ounce of Maks and Meryl's chemistry rubs off on the dancing partners, that stage is going to be insanely hot.

As A Distraction During the Boring Parts of the Show

So You Think You Can Dance is thoroughly entertaining... during the dance numbers. In between? Meh. (I'm just saying, you have to really, really love dance commentary.) All these two have to do is exchange flirty glances in the audience in order to keep So You Think You Can Dance fans enthralled.

As guest judges

Eventually Mary Murphy's "Hot Tamale Train" will make a stop at the Vocal Rest station — the perfect chance for Maks and Meryl to slide right in to the slot. They are so in sync that they'll be able to share a score.

So what are you waiting for, So You Think You Can Dance? Who knows — maybe bringing this two together professionally will make them finally see the real-life sparks between them. A girl can dream, right?

Images: ABC, maksimandmeryl/tumblr, sytycd-gifs/tumblr