'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband Was Released from Jail Today — Ruh Roh

Even more drama is ahead for Teen Mom 2's biggest basket case, Jenelle Evans. Her husband Courtland Rogers released from jail today and apparently Jenelle is terrified of him. Let's back it up a bit for anyone who may not follow the Teen Moms outside of the show. Jenelle married Courtland last December, completely out of the blue, and they never exactly had a "honeymoon phase." There was always drama with the couple, whether in court for heroin charges or publicly fighting with his baby mama, there was hardly a dull moment.

They fought on Twitter, each of them and their families had a different side of the story. When they reached their most volatile, Jenelle claimed that Rogers abused her and caused her to miscarriage. Jenelle has since said that she is divorcing Rogers, but their split has yet to be finalized. Maybe she had to put off filing papers because of another Ke$ha concert. We know she can't bear to miss one of those.

Rogers has been in jail for the past three months and was released today after his sister and her boyfriend posted his $100 bail. I'm not sure exactly how the justice system works, but does that mean he was waiting for them to get the $100? If so, he should've just asked MTV, I'm sure they would've gladly contributed if it meant more publicity for Jenelle.

She may be scared now that her ex is out of jail, but I think Rogers has more to worry about. Barbara can get pretty feisty.