Beyonce and Blake Lively Rock Sideboob Done Right at The Gucci Chime for Change Event

Before there was sidebum and underbutt, there was sideboob. Celebs, like Beyonce and Blake Lively, love to display all sorts of fleshy curves and hints of skin, but sideboob reigns supreme as the mother of all teases. It's a supremely sexified way to show off cleavage but it's not without its issues. You can flash just a touch of mammary goodness and leave 'em wanting more or let it all hang out — oh, hi, Kardashian fam, namely Kim, notorious flasher of boobies who is not known for her modesty or moderation with her fashion choices. It's the rare fashion and style trend that can be either classy or trashy, depending on how the wearer styles it. One false move or errant turn or unstable shift in posture or the use of weak double-stick tape and Mary-Kate and Ashley will make an unexpected and unwanted appearance, if you pick up what I'm puttin' down! However, Tuesday night at the Gucci Chime for Change event, Queen Bey and the lovely Ms. Lively showed us celeb sideboob (well, I guess it's technically frontboob) done right.

Mrs. Ryan Reynolds turned heads in a mustard colored frock. It had a short, twirly hem that was super flirty but the leather detailing on the bodice and the built-in belt made for ladylike touches. The buttoned neck also helped prevent this look from exposing too much or the dreaded nip slip. The end result was sexy housewife chic. No, really! She was throwback-y and sexpot-y, thanks to one yellow dress. Taylor Swift should totally call her up and ask to borrow it, because I can definitely see T. Swizzle rocking this LYD.

Bey's summery, sleeveless, crisp white pantsuit dipped low but was also high-waisted and well-tailored and therefore kept everything in check. The halter neckline also added some lift to help the twins defy gravity. Queen Bey is never sloppy, especially with her sideboob.

Somewhere, the powers-that-be at Victoria's Secret are majorly bummed. Bey and Blake demonstrated the lack of need for bras in favor of sideboob. Way to go, BBs.

Image: Beyonce/Instagram