Is This the Next Indiana Jones?

When you think Indiana Jones, you no doubt think Harrison Ford. Sure, there was a television series starring other actors, but if you're getting your Indiana Jones association from the TV show, then something's wrong. Harrison Ford is and forever will be the real Indiana Jones. But like with any successful franchise, things just can't be left alone and we all have to suffer through revivals. The latest news for the Indiana Jones franchise, is that Robert Pattinson will be the new Indiana Jones. Control your gasps because it's just a rumor and there's no way it's coming to fruition.

According to the Daily Star, Pattinson tops the list to take over for Ford. A "Los Angeles insider" who spoke wit the newspaper said,

Disney is looking at its long-term options for the Indiana Jones franchise. They feel that the series has huge potential on many levels, starting with the films leading to other spin-offs like games which can generate more money than movies. Rob is top of the initial list because he has showed his acting stripes away from Twilight. But the competition will be stiff.

Sounds like Disney is pretty full of themselves. I mean, they're Disney so that's valid, but who's to say Pattinson doesn't want them. Just because Pattinson proved himself outside of the Twilight films, it doesn't mean he's going to jump at the chance to be Indiana Jones. This is a two way street, Disney! And Pattinson has some leeway here in the form of massive amounts of Twilight money.

While most actors would hear about playing Indiana Jones and know they have to go for it because it's the chance to play a beloved character and be guaranteed a ton of dough, Pattinson has already been through that. Pattinson survived FIVE Twilight movies and has turned to much smaller movies in the time following. He was always open in interviews about how ridiculous he thought the books and films were and has dealt with the crazed fans that come along with it. It's unlikely Indiana Jones would bring that kind of intensity, not many things can, but it's still the same huge franchise set up and it would be more surprising if he was interested in that than if he wasn't.

For now we'll just have to wait and see how this turns out. Don't be surprised if there are more Indiana Jones movies to come, they just probably won't star Robert Pattinson.

Images: Imgur