New 'They Came Together' Clip With Amy Poehler & Ed Helms Involves a Beef Burrito — VIDEO

Thought you've been on some rough dates? Well, Amy Poehler endures a pretty painful one right here and it easily tops my story about the guy who brought his friends on a date with him. In this hilarious new clip from They Came Together , Poehler plays a woman on a date with Ed Helms's character, an utterly deplorable man who wears scarves,and despises fiction because it's "not real."

This clip only adds to the excitement; the movie already had us at "hello." (Pardon the platitude — it's a rom-com!) It has a cast so magical it might spontaneously combust into the comedy heavens — we're talking Poehler, Helms, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Cobie Smulders, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Shannon, Christopher Meloni (who, to me, will always want to "fondle sweaters," as he desired in Wet Hot American Summer), Adam Scott, Ellie Kemper, Melanie Lynskey, John Stamos, Max Greenfield, Jack McBrayer, Kenan Thompson, Michaela Watkins, and Michael Ian Black. It's also helmed by David Wain, the genius mind behind the hilarious cult classic, Wet Hot American Summer.

And now we have a clip from it, and you can almost taste the insta-cult classic sensation already. You can feel quotes turning into memes and you can predict people quoting these characters in bars, and Helms's cringe-worthy foil to Poehler's excellently portrayed straight man makes for an excellent match. These comic forces know how to play off of each other so well.

So get excited for when the movie hits theaters on June 27, and feel better about that awful date story you have. Ed Helms is about to rival that guy.