The Most '90s Things in Kimbra's "90s Music" Video

Remember Kimbra? That somebody that you used to know (along with Gotye)? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but she has other songs. In fact, enough to fill her whole new album, called The Golden Echo. And Kimbra's new single "'90s Music" will fulfill your insatiable nostalgia in a multitude of ways. The songs is about a kind of longing for a past love, the wish that you could relive those exact moments. And the song, of course, references some of the biggest artists of the '90s: MJ, Mariah, Nirvana, Aaliyah, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, TLC, all the greats.

The video ups the ante as a sort of cartoon pastiche of music videos from the '90s. Take a cup of Missy Elliott, two cups of Bjork, a spoonful of Jamiroquai, a handful of Busta Rhymes, eight ounces of Coolio, a handle of DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a pinch of Aqua's "Barbie Girl," and you have the aesthetic of this video. Weirdly enough, the visual assault of all this '90s nostalgia makes the video more surreal than retro. But press pause at any given moment, and you can pick out some of the most '90s scenes committed to film.

This VCR

kimbramusic on YouTube

...is too fabulous for words. It is having a serious Lisa Frank moment in the best way possible. Also, carefully note the Nickelodeon orange of the video.

This Girl Wearing a Snoop Dogg Shirt, Dancing in a Too Small Room

kimbramusic on YouTube

Not only does this woman have an ensemble straight out of a '90s gangsta rap music video, but she is dancing her ass of in a absurdly decorated, empty room that is way too small. But seriously, why was everyone doing this in music videos in the '90s? Could they not find larger rooms to dance in? Someone is bound to bruise something doing all that dancing, is all I'm saying.

Everything Happening in Front of This Melting Suburban House

kimbramusic on YouTube

First of all, Kimbra is dancing with some insanely talented small children, a la Missy Elliott. Second of all, they are wearing some ridiculous '90s gear. Mini hair buns, clip-on colored braid extensions, visible boxers, fuzzy earmuffs, leopard print, crop tops, puffy vests, you name it. This is apparently where crazy '90s fashion came to die.

Crazy Geometric Prints

kimbramusic on YouTube

The colors! The nonsensical shapes! It looks like one of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's jackets threw up. Watch with care, because these colorful graphic prints will make your eyes do some weird things.

Kimbra Lying on a Car in a Huge Fur Jacket

kimbramusic on YouTube

It's the ultimate sign of rap video luxury. It's '90s Lil Kim in the vaporwave age.

Shoutout to Left Eye

kimbramusic on YouTube

Don't go chasing waterfalls. RIP, girl.