Meet the Mini-Pig With Huge Dreams

I swear, animals have all the fun. First, there was BaneCat and his absurdly creative costume and videos, and now there's a Thimble, the teacup pig with mad musical skills. Yes, you heard me right — there is a musically inclined teacup pig rocking out on various instruments while wearing adorable little outfits, and she's here to make your day.

Thimble is quite the rock star. She has the uncanny ability to play multiple instruments, including the guitar and piano. She may not play them immaculately, but who cares? With more practice, she'll undoubtedly be able to achieve her dream, which is "to be in a band with Dave Hause," according to her Facebook page.

I personally applaud this little knockout for being brave enough to follow her dreams. She's teaching us all a lesson in commitment and perseverance. Plus, she always dresses in the chicest gear.

Check out some of her stylish getups below:

Thimble will undoubtedly be the next Internet sensation, and hopefully her lofty musical ambitions will come true. You can watch one of her videos below, which I warn you is teeming with endearing fashionable moments.

And if you're like me and can't get enough of Thimble, you can check out her Facebook page for her latest videos and fashion-forward ensembles.

Images: Thimble the Piano Playing Mini Pig/Facebook