Ranking Shailene Woodley's 10 Best Recent Red Carpet Appearances During The 'TFIOS' Press Tour

Between Divergent, the much-anticipated The Fault in Our Stars, offending feminists everywhere (and subsequently making amends), fiercely fielding J. Law comparisons, and delighting the world with her hippy-dippy sound bytes, Shailene Woodley has been keeping a pretty packed schedule. Plus, in addition to all that, she's walked across countless red carpets and given as many (or more) interviews over the past few months. And best of all, there's no end in sight to her presence in the celebrity sphere/red carpet regalia — she's got three (yup, you read that right: they're splitting Allegiant into two parts, a la Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn) more Divergent movies left, and I have a feeling TFIOS is going to propel her straight into super-stardom (or maybe even Oscar-nom-dom).

So, to celebrate tonight's midnight release of the aforementioned TFIOS, I've culled some of her very best looks straight from her stylist, Ilaria Urbinati's Twitter feed (if you're a fan of Krysten Ritter's wacky charm, Nina Dobrev's ultra-feminine classiness or quirky-cute Jayma Mays, you should take a look — she counts them as her clients as well). If anything, this list will help you get through the anticipation until you're safely in your movie theater seat tonight (or tomorrow, if you're not a night owl). Read on:

10. In Zuhair Murad at the Berlin Premiere of Divergent

This futuristic gown got a lot of love, but I can't quite get past the '80s-ness/starship captain-y-ness about it.

9. In Elie Saab at the LA Premiere of Divergent

This look is almost fabulous — though that sleeve drags it down a bit, figuratively and literally.

8. In Dolce and Gabbana at Cinemacon

I'm loving the way her artfully messed-up hair, pink/coral lipstick/and menswear-inspired get-up are playing together.

7. In Stella McCartney at the UK Premiere of Divergent

The perfect marriage of cobalt and cerulean — and it fits her perfectly.

6. In Antonio Bernardi on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The punk-y plaid goes perfectly with her new 'do, and I'm kind of obsessed with those metallic Louboutins!

5. In Elie Saab at the New York Screening of Divergent

I don't always love jumpsuits, but this Elie Saab number is simply stunning.

4. In Preen on Live With Kelly

Fun and funky, just like her personality.

3. In Ralph Lauren at the New York Premiere of TFIOS

Sometimes, nothing beats a simple dress in a bright color.

2. In Roksanda Ilincic at the Mexico City Premiere of Divergent

Another bright! Some took offense to this traffic cone-orange gown, but I think it looks amazing on her.

1. In Valentino on the Late Show With David Letterman

Metallic butterflies and violet pumps. Can anything beat that? I don't think so.