'22 Jump Street' Theme Song Will Get You Pumped

A little over a week until the film's release and with both barrels blazing, the official 22 Jump Street theme song has been released. The song has all the components of a blockbuster summer release: It's big, bold, in-your-face and makes you want to run around in circles, which is probably how you would react during a car chase that ends in an explosion, or if you had Ice Cube for a boss. Basically, it's a super energetic, fun roller coaster ride, and if it's any indication of what we can expect from the film, then it gives us yet another reason to be pumped for the premiere.

The track shares the film's title and features Detroit rapper Angel Haze who receives some help from rapper and Fast & Furious star Ludacris. Not only does she sing the hook, but Haze expertly delivers another one of her signature sped up flows over a ridiculous dance beat, providing the song with a busybody-like energy, which feels about as rebellious as she is. Ludacris, who's no stranger to movie soundtracks or showing his face on the big screen, holds his own by contributing some of his clever, laid-back rhymes.

The only thing that would make the 22 Jump Street song better is seeing an accompanying video with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum hitting us with some of their signature dance moves. But judging by the fact that the guys will be working undercover on a college campus, a choreographed moment is sure to happen somewhere during the film, which premieres on June 13.While we anticipate the hilarious two-step Hill and Tatum will undoubtedly perform to this song (hopefully it's more Tatum than Hill), take a listen to the song below and see if you can resist making up a routine of your own: