Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day Needs to Stay Away From the Drama & Focus on the Music

Seems like a certain member of Danity Kane is taking the group's "No Filter" tour quite literally. During DK's final stop in New York, Aubrey O'Day chatted it up with the audience about haters, which happens to be the topic of the group's single "Lemonade." When someone in the crowd yelled out D. Woods' name, Aubrey echoed that sentiment, which elicited cheers from the fans.

As much as Aubrey's outspoken, vibrant personality makes her a valuable part of Danity Kane, this is one case in which a filter should certainly be applied. The group has weathered plenty storms and managed to resurface as a shinier, more polished version of their former selves, despite everything they've experienced up to this point. They just wrapped a tour, thanks to a supportive fanbase that has stuck with them through a five-year absence, D. Woods' absence and Aundrea Fimbres recently announcing her departure from the group.

After all that, they appeared to be transitioning smoothly, so why all the drama? When they reunited last year, they specifically stated the remaining members of Danity Kane were "over" the breakup drama, but this latest stunt by Aubrey represents a complete contradiction. There's absolutely no need for antics like this. Remember when Diddy warned Aubrey about how her negative antics could impact the group's image? Obviously, she still hasn't gotten the memo.

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Someone else wasn't really feeling Aubrey's low-brow tactics. In response, D. Woods' sister Shanell tweeted:

Basically, Aubrey, D. Woods and the other members of Danity Kane should save the drama for the studio. They're awesome songwriters and performers so if they want to sing about haters and dance their asses off to the resulting music all day, then that's cool. But fanning flames of an old fire feels like they're taking two steps back to their Making the Band days. It may sound cliché to worry that stunts like this may overshadow their music, but at least until they release another platinum-selling album, they should probably just focus on the music to make sure this time around, things don't go sour.