Another Reason Lucky Charms is the BEST!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you, like all sensible people, loved Lucky Charms cereal as a kid (or still eat it today–no judgement), then pat yourself on the back, because you have excellent taste in more ways than one. In honor of Pride Month, the good folks over at Lucky Charms are starting a gay-friendly #LuckyToBe campaign, encouraging people everywhere to celebrate their identities. Looks like Lucky the leprechaun has been busy doing things besides teaching kids about hearts, stars, and horseshoes.

Lucky Charms and its parent company General Mills have been gay-friendly for a while now–and gotten some grief for it in the past. When Lucky Charms first announced they'd be introducing two new rainbow marshmallows last year in honor of the Supreme Court decision striking down part of DOMA, conservatives denounced the cereal. General Mills was undeterred. In announcing their company's gay friendly policy last year, General Mills Vice President Ken Charles said, "We value diversity. We value inclusion. We always have … and we always will."

The company was already planning their Pride Month #LuckyToBe campaign last year, and now that Pride Month is here, they've delivered, haters be damned. So check out their video, and think of all the reasons you are #LuckyToBe who you are. And when the haters start to get you down, just remember this example set by Lucky the leprechaun, and keep on being awesome.