His Bouncy Tonys Promo Is Awesome

Excited for The Tony Awards? Wolverine certainly is, and you should be, too. In fact, this delightful Tonys promo of Hugh Jackman bouncing around everywhere, including naked in the shower, should certainly get you bouncing with excitement, too. And just in case you're not entirely convinced yet, this will prove to you that Jackman will be a totally energetic, awesome MC for the evening. (Full disclosure: I saw him host the Tony Awards live in 2004, and he certainly is a stellar host.)

This video features Jackman going through his daily routine, filled with brim to the excitement, hence the incessant bounce-a-thon. While of course he's acting in this video (I don't think The American Theater Wing creeped into his bathroom without his permission), we do know that he actually is excited in real life. How do we know? He's been posting rehearsal photos and even some short rehearsal videos to his Instagram. Those photos and videos are excellent behind-the-scenes glimpses at the show, which airs on Sunday, June 8.

And why is this show something to get so excited about? It's a theatrical celebration of theater. All of theater's best assembles get together to put on a spectacular show. Not to take anything away from the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards, but these guys are not accustomed to hiding behind cameras, so you can be sure that it will be filled with show-stopping performance on top of show-stopping performance, and there promises to be far fewer awkward acceptance speeches.

And who will likely perform a show-stopping solo number? Hugh Jackman! Maybe that's one thing he's so bouncy about. You can see the funny promo video here:

And how about a real life, behind-the scenes photo? Take a look at him (and his beard).

Hmm. Wonder if he'll shave for the show. Shaving or trimming a beard while bouncing is probably not the safest idea.

Image: Vimeo; Instagram