'Broadchurch,' 'Luther' and More: 7 Summer Series That Will Whet Your Anglo Appetite

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When it comes to arbitrary obsession, one might say I'm the bloody queen. And when you take into account some of my favorite things, it's no surprise I'm positively nutters for the goings-on across the pond in the UK. I'd even go as far as saying that the United States — at least partially — has Great Britain to thank for upping the ante on TV storytelling standards. So what better time than now, the barren small screen wasteland that is summer, to pick up a few new obsessions? We promise that they're jolly good. And just like a strong cuppa (that's tea for all you 'Muricans), these series were built to last, and will linger in your system long after the last 'oi!' has been uttered. So why not pop the kettle on, crank up the air conditioning, and tune into some quality tube times? We've got months until fall shows return, but that doesn't mean your viewing habits shouldn't keep buggering on.

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