What Channel Are The Tony Awards On? You Know You Wanna Tune In

The Tonys are happening! Let's rejoice with a collective high note — okay, nevermind, let's not do that. As much as we try to believe it, we are not all Idina Menzels. But you're probably wondering — "how can I watch The Tony Awards, and what channel are The Tony Awards on?" You may also be wondering if it's okay to re-enact the entire spectacular awards show in your living room with DIY costumes, and the answer is yes, absolutely. I personally challenge you to Project Runway: Hedwig and The Angry Inch edition.

But of course, you'll need to actually watch the show to get that inspiration, and of course, to see Neil Patrick Harris give an incredible performance as that titular character with the angry inch (for which he's very likely to win an award). Bottom line? You can watch the show on CBS.

You can also tune into the Tony's Second Screen on the Tony Awards website for an additional interactive entertainment experience. Don't have cable? The Tony Awards website will be offering live coverage all night, and never underestimate the power of Twitter or celebrity Instagram. Maybe host Hugh Jackman will Instagram some backstage antics — after all, he's been pretty excited about this show.

And you should be, too. It's theatrical, spectacular, and it airs on June 8. Watch it. Learn a bunch of new musical songs, and then break out into those.