It's National Donut Day, and Here are the Donut Fashion Staples You've Been Missing

By now you've probably heard the fantastic news. Yes, it's true, it's National Donut Day. Hopefully you celebrated already, but if scarfing down the delicious fried circles of bread covered in just the right amount of icing, sprinkles, and any other decorative sugar isn't your style, you're not out of luck. Maybe you're trying to watch what you eat, or maybe (god forbid) you legitimately don't like the taste of donuts. Even if you'd rather not eat a donut, it's hard not to admire their look.

Maybe I'm crazy, but the circle pattern, bright and pastel color schemes, and multi-colored sprinkles that often come adorning donuts are totally elements of fashion. What better pattern than one that's not only good ON your clothes, but also in your mouth? Not only are they adorable, but they're witty and relatable. Coworkers don't often expect to see someone in their office adorned in a donut-covered pencil skirt (unless you're that coworker who can't keep her food in her mouth and off her clothes), so the fashion statement is a light-hearted take on business casual.

So, here are some donut-adorned leggings, shirts, bows and shoes. It's up to you weather you'd rather indulge in eating donuts or wearing them. (I'll take both, thanks).

1. Odd Future Donut Allover Blue Crew Socks, Zumiez, $14.95

2. Donut Print Bodysuit, Forever 21, $12.80

3. Donut Leggings, Poprageous, $75

4. Jeffrey Campbell Platform Wedge Booties - Icy Doughnuts, Bloomingdales, $185.50

5. Donut Hair Bow, Etsy, $3-5

6. Donut Pencil Skirt, Etsy, $45

Images: Tumblr; Zumiez; Forever 21; Poprageous; Bloomingdales; Etsy; Etsy