What's Tonight's 'Bachelorette' Special About? A Look Back at Andi's Season So Far

Guys, it's official: Andi Dorfman is definitely the best Bachelorette ever. It took us about zero seconds flat to fall in love with her (even when she was fighting off Juan Pablo on The Bachelor ), so it's pretty much fact that at least one of the guys vying for her heart will fall in love with her, too. Basically, Andi has given our Monday nights meaning. But tonight, instead of creating an even bigger divide between those with a rose and those without, we get a special. ABC is airing an hourlong recap of the season so far, from the painfully awkward limo introductions to everything we saw as recently as last week.

It's called "The Bachelorette: The Journey So Far," and it will undoubtedly frustrate many loyal Bachelorette fans to no end tonight when they flip to ABC and realize that we have been punished with the dreaded recap show, revisiting episodes we've already picked apart instead of giving us anything new. Major bummer.

And I know what you're thinking, mostly because I'm thinking it too: Why do we need a retrospective after only a few episodes? Didn't this season just start a few weeks ago? We're clamoring for new information about Andi's guys, especially since the next new episode sends them to France, which will obviously provide a super romantic backdrop for upcoming one-on-one dates. I wait all year for The Bachelorette, and I simply cannot wait an extra week for the next episode, damn it!

But don't worry, guys: The special isn't all bad. On the upside, we could use a bit of a refresher course before we see Andi take on the remaining 11 contestants. A lot goes on from week to week on this show, and if you say you haven't gotten the guys confused at least once, you're lying. After a little while, they all start to look alike. Sorry, guys.

Some of the moments the special promises to revisit are Andi's date with the late Eric Hill, the group date starring Boyz II Men (because who doesn't want to see that again), and the WNBA game in Connecticut. My fingers are crossed that ABC slips in a few new clips here and there, but I'm also not holding my breath.

France, unfortunately, will just have to wait. And the anticipation will make next Monday night so much better! Or so I'm hoping, anyway.

Images: ABC, Giphy