Psy & Snoop Dogg's Video "Hangover" Is the Viral Hit You Just Have to See — VIDEO

Is this video this summer's "Gangnam Style"? Maybe! Snoop Dogg and Psy's new video for "Hangover" shows the two getting wasted, in bathtubs, vomiting, drinking, partying, and dancing with cartoons together. It's a bizarre five minutes of the two suited-up fellows, and it's pretty epic. It's weirdly captivating to watch, and the video is blowing up on YouTube already. It's proof that Psy and his team sure know how to make a viral music video, that's for sure.

But it's not only an epic, party-of-the-century video. The song, which is about drinking and drinking and drinking (duh), has a hip-hop edge to it, thanks to Snoop Dogg's contribution, and therefore, it's a bit of a departure from Psy's usual sound. Snoop also contributes to Psy's hangover, telling him that the party ain't over, even though he's vomiting into a toilet.

The video — which, in all of its weirdness, Time magazine called "art" — is actually based on some real life events (no, not the cartoons... as far as we know). The two actually did party together off-screen — Snoop visited South Korea and hung out with Psy, and Psy definitely enjoyed Snoop's hard partying ways. He told TMZ that:

We were "Hangover."

Good inspiration for making the video then, right?

Anyway, you must check out this video. It's strange, it's trippy, it's bizarre... and it's going to blow up like "Gangnam Style" ...but with booze. Lots of booze.

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Image: Youtube