‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Emmy Nomination Tactic Is Super Smart

If I learned anything from my days campaigning for class treasurer in high school, it's that giving out food gets you votes. (I didn't give out food and this, not my total lack of school government experience, is probably why I didn't win.) One television show is using this tactic in order to get Emmy votes and it's pretty damn smart. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a food truck which will give out free breakfast starting on Monday. According to Deadline, the food truck was scheduled to coincide with Emmy ballots becoming available. This way, if you're a voting TV Academy member, you might grab some food from the truck, head home to submit nominations on your ballot, and happen to be in the middle of a delicious bite of chocolate donut when you get to the Outstanding Comedy Series category. A bite of donut for you, a nomination for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

So what can you expect if you live in Los Angles and happen to spot the truck? Cast member Joe Lo Truglio will be on board and coffee, donuts, and bagels will be available free of charge. The truck will reportedly make stops all around the city including downtown L.A., Beverly Hills, and at the Century City farmers' market. The truck will be around until June 13 and other cast members are expected to stop by as well.

This is not the first time Brooklyn Nine-Nine has used the food truck for publicity. The show also used the truck in September 2013 to promote the premiere of their first season.

Emmy nominations will be announced on July 10 at which point we'll be able to see if the food truck plan really paid off. For now, if you're in L.A., please go find your free bagel. It's going to be just a delicious whether or not you're an Academy member.