The 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Soundtrack Lets You Relive Your Favorite Westeros Moments — LISTEN

Want the ultimate set-the-mood soundtrack? Ha, I'm kidding. This particular soundtrack won't get you in the mood for love, but it will allow you to relive your favorite moments in Westeros. The Game of Thrones Season 4 soundtrack is being released digitally June 10, but since you won't be able to purchase the hot ticket item on CD until July 1, we've got a preview for you now. Get your dragons ready and gather 'round!

The first track is called "Breaker of Chains" and is probably from the episode of the same title. It's very likely the music that played when Daenerys was, well, the breaker of chains. (Remember that moment?) Or when Daario peed on the ground. Good times in Meereen for all!

We also have an eleven minute montage of all of the songs, so you can get an audio glimpse into the entire soundtrack before you purchase it. While it's probably not the best party music, you can't deny that the soundtrack in the background of the show always gets your heart stirring and that opening credits number is a musical masterpiece. Plus, listening to the beautiful score of Game of Thrones could be a great way to tide you over until Season 5, since you're definitely going to have a long winter ahead of you after the season finale on June 15...

WaterTower Music on YouTube

Image: HBO