Santigold's "Kicking Down Doors" Is the Perfect Addition To Your Summertime Party Playlist

Happy news: A new Santigold song hit the Internet. Bummer news: It's not a single from an upcoming Santigold album. Who knows when we'll get more Santigold music? Sigh. (Okay, I'm being dramatic: She may release a new album some time this year. YAAAAS. Please happen, third album. PLEASE.) "Kicking Down Doors" (which you can check out on SoundCloud) will be on Pepsi Beats of The Beautiful Game , a World Cup-inspired visual compilation album that'll drop June 10. And the song is FUN.

The Yogi-produced “Kicking Down Doors” is a fantastic EDM banger. Santigold's catalog has been my go-to summer music for years, and "Kicking Down Doors" fits right in. It is yet another Santigold track that has me feeling all sorts of amped about summertime. And that is saying something, because I am more of a fall/winter person (I'll take sweaters over swimsuits any day, thanks). Santigold's music helps me embrace the summer heat with open arms. 'Tis the power of Santi White.

Say you’re hosting a party of the backyard/rooftop barbecue variety that begins in 20 minutes, but you totally spaced out on making a playlist. You remembered the gluten-free hot dog buns and the miniature paper lanterns, but you forgot all about the tunes. DRAT!

Do not pull out your hair. Don't turn your guests away. Do not scramble to find a last-minute DJ. There is an option: Just get your mitts on as many Santigold songs as you can.

Heck, I'll get the ball rolling: I've created a Santigold playlist for you. Sure, it's only nine songs long, but it's a start. You can always play it on repeat.

A Very Merry Santigold Summertime Playlist

"Disparate Youth"

Santigold on YouTube

This is the way to start a parrrrrtaaaaaaaaay.

"Lights Out"

yurksemesh on YouTube

Yes, it's that song from the Bud Light Lime ads. And yes, it's summery as fuck.

"I'm A Lady"

skinnythin on YouTube

Sometimes, the party needs to take a moment to take a breather. This song has the party's back.


bongowithmylingo on YouTube

And we're back to daaaanciiiiing.

"Shove It"

yurksemesh on YouTube

Keep daaaaaanciiiiiiing.


yurksemesh on YouTube

More daaaaaaanciiiiiiiiing.

"The Keepers"

Santigold on YouTube

Whew. All of that dancing sure is exhausting. Let's just hang out, cool?

"L.ES. Artistes"

ShootUpTheStation on YouTube

This is a really great way to close down the get-together. Lots of sing-along potential.

"The Riot's Gone"

E L I F L O R E S on YouTube

The riot's gone. The party's gone. It's time to go home.

Where might I put "Kicking Down Doors"? Eh, either at the very beginning (start things off with a bang), or between "Shove It" and "Creator." I'm waffling.