Taylor Swift's New Album Comes Out This Year, But What Is She Going to Sing About?

Taylor Swift is the teenage girl in all of us. From her first album to her most recent, she's been giving a lyrical voice to every fear, to every crush, to every infatuated love lost that we ever had when we were children and everything seemed like the end of the world. Of course, due to her tendency to write songs about her ex-boyfriends, Taylor Swift has been named Hollywood's Biggest Player, but that doesn't change the fact that she's unafraid to share the pages of her diary with us. Now that Swift is rumored to have a new album coming out this October, the question becomes: what on earth did she find to write songs about?

Swift has spent her post-Red days enjoying the single life to the fullest. One of her parade of lady friends, Karlie Kloss, even announced that Swift had no time for boys, as if she didn't know that boys are the grease that keep Swift's career engine going. In fact, Swift has even bumped up her dating requirements in a way that makes it even harder for any guy to catch her eye, so her self-imposed single life might last for a good long while.

Not that I'm complaining. Aside from playing do-si-do with female friends like one is not enough to fill some imaginary void, Swift has seemed as happy as ever. So what is this alleged new album going to be about?

More High School Drama

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In the early days before she started having high profile relationships with recognizable celebrities (we're looking at you John Mayer, the subject of Swift's "Dear John"), Swift's songs would be pulled right from the pages of her diary. One of her earliest songs, "Should've Said No", was even based entirely around things an old ex said and her diary entry about the situation. Even though she has four albums under her belt, Swift has four years of high school to dip into. Who says we've heard the end of it?

Friendship Not Love

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Swift picked up best friends left and right over the last year, from Karlie Kloss to Lorde, and her next album could be focusing on a different kind of love. I'm not saying that she started hanging out with all of these different people to gain material for her next album, but Swift's albums do generally speak about her life. And, recently, her life has been all about female friendships, which would be a refreshing new tract for her to take considering her past history of slut shaming.

Her Friends' Relationships

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Then again, the other option is that her friends have been in relationships that Swift could have observed for the purposes of her album. Even if she didn't feel like dipping a toe back into the dating world, there was no reason why she had to remain completely ignorant to it. And at least this way no one can accuse her of being a player. A bad secret keeper, maybe, but certainly not a player.

The Single Life

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In a complete 180 from her previous work, instead of singing about love and relationships, Swift could devote an entire album to how freeing it is to be single. Being in a relationship is stressful and hard work and, honestly, sometimes society places too much importance on not being alone. Preaching to her choir of devoted female fans that there's nothing wrong with being alone would be a fantastic message.

All of the Above

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Taylor Swift has certain expectations attached to her name, so it would be hard to imagine her getting through an entire album without a single song about love or relationships. At the same time, that has not been her experience over the last year and she's also a woman who writes songs based on her experiences. Her fifth album might hit any or all of the above notes and blend them together with typical Taylor Swift cuteness. No matter what, I'm excited.