Everyone Thought 'Game of Thrones' "The Watchers on The Wall" Would End Like This — VIDEO

Surely by now you've watched Episode 9 of this season of Game of Thrones, right? If you haven't, then SPOILERS AHEAD, my friend. Because what you're about to watch is how everybody thought the last episode of Game of Thrones would end, thereby proving that just as soon as you expect something on Game of Thrones, start expecting the opposite.

You know how on Game of Thrones it's safe to assume that if you like a character, you should start preparing your Twitter version of an obituary for said character? Everyone knows that, especially in the ninth hour of a season, an hour in which we have historically seen Starks go, one by one. And you know how when a character says, "I promise I won't die," it's an even more viable graveside bet than drinking poison from Sansa's necklace? When Samwell Tarly said to Gilly, "I promise I won't die," I literally said out loud, "Hashtag, things not to say on Game of Thrones," because if you try to live in Westeros... you often die.

This is obviously a train of thought in the collective geek conscious, because somebody made this edit — which is actually sadder than the events in the real episode (you see Sam die, when in fact, he lives!) — but it's pretty much what you probably thought was coming in Episode 9. Once again, Game of Thrones has duped us all, except this time, it was in a much more pleasant way.

Check it out!

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Image: HBO