George R.R. Martin Joins Twitter — Can You Figure Out Which Of These 21 Accounts Is Real?

Praise the gods! I know you were already feeling sad that Sunday night was the penultimate episode of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 4, meaning we only have the 15-minute extended GoT finale left. Sad face, RIP Ygritte. But, I've got some great news for all of you Sad Jon Snows out there. A Song of Ice and Fire author and the man, without whom there'd be no HBOgo fails, George R.R. Martin, has joined Twitter for real.

My sincerest apologies if you thought you'd been following the real George R.R. Martin this entire time, I'd hate to burst your bubble this way. At least now you can unfollow that impostor and hail the true King of Westeros on the social networking site. The author joined the site on Monday afternoon and sent his first tweet out shortly after — don't worry, it wasn't a spoiler — Martin just suggested that fans follow his LiveJournal page (who even still has LiveJournals?) and said he wouldn't be tweeting much. Sigh, there go my dreams of him live-tweeting the Game of Thrones finale next Sunday.

Unfortunately, like GoT stars Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) and Isaac Wright (Bran Stark), Martin's account still isn't verified — blasphemy, right? So you could still end up falling into the trap of an impostor George R.R. Martin account because, well, there are many. I'm assuming the author's in the process of securing a trial-by-combat with the owner of each account — but, in the meantime, see if you can pick George R.R. Martin's real Twitter out of these 21 accounts (keep in mind that the title of Martin's blog is "Not A Blog" before taking for granted anything that says "not affiliated with"):


Hmmm, perhaps?


Eh — love this bio, though.


Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) follows this guy — this must be him!


Pedro Pascal (Prince Oberyn Martell — RIP) follows this guy, could this be him?


Curiouser and curiouser.


His last tweet was, "Sorry....@TheRedViper." Same.


I appreciate the honesty here.


This one's just not even trying — but at least the location is right.




Excuse me?


He's got a webpage at least.


Does Martin speak Spanish? Because this account does.


The bio says it all.


Author of what? Oh, okay.


No wonder why he kills off so many characters — he's an anguished Jets fan.


Alright, what the hell?


What does "parody" even mean anymore?


You sit on a throne of lies.


I quit the Internet.


You're not even trying.


What even is this?

By the way, if you picked #11, you picked the real George R.R. Martin — congratulations on not getting trolled.

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