True&Co Bra Startup Will Finally Help You Figure Out Your True Breast Shape

I have cried over more bra fittings than Taylor Swift has cried over ex-boyfriends, so whenever I hear about new innovations in bra sizing I get PUMPED. Like, Christmas-morning levels of pumped. I'm usually immediately disappointed, but a new feature by bra startup True&Co sounds really promising.

The company has been offering up a selection of affordable lingerie from brands like Eberjey, Honeydew, DKNY, and their house brand since 2012. Consumers have the option to take a short quiz about bra fit and get some suggestions, or to browse normally. But this Tuesday, True&Co is unveiling a new feature called TrueSpectrum. According to Fashionista, it's "a literal spectrum color wheel from which each customer can determine her personal boob shape." There are eight colors on the wheel which consolidate over 6,000 body types that True&Co identified, based on curve and proportion.

Bra sizing is notoriously confusing. There are oft-quoted statistics claiming that anywhere from 64 to 85 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Who knows how accurate either statistic is, but wearing the wrong bra can be maddeningly uncomfortable, especially if you're particularly chesty. Is True&Co's TrueSpectrum a cure-all? Probably not. After all, the site doesn't even sell my bra size, so the system is clearly not a lifesaver on my end — at least not yet. But I am pro any concept that promotes transparency in bra sizing.

In addition to TrueSpectrum, True&Co has unveiled a line called Uniform, a line of 15 "essential" loungewear/lingerie pieces in comfortable fabrics and basic colors. There is one bra for each designation on the TrueSpectrum color wheel, except for the "Mulberry" category, which only 3 percent of customers fall into. Why these three percent of women don't deserve a bra from True&Co is beyond me, but whatever. These new wares are priced between $16 for a pair of panties to $44 for most bras. Happy bra shopping!

Images: trueandcompany/Instagram