Andre 3000's Solo Album Will Sound Like...?

Andre 3000 is clearly running circles around Mariah Carey when it comes to being elusive. There's always been a pretty intentional element of mystery surrounding the more eccentric half of hip hop duo OutKast, and the manner in which he confirmed that a new Andre 3000 solo album is on the way went down in typical Three Stacks fashion. A day after performing at the Governor's Ball, he declined an interview with Hip Hop Wired, but basically told the reporter the equivalent of, "Oh yeah, I'm working on an album, you'll hear it when it's released, kthxbye." Since it's been almost a decade since he released any solo music, who knows what the next Andre 3000 solo album will sound like?

My guess is that it'll be something completely unique and out of left field, sort of like a spaced-out compilation of his awesome guest verses. Whatever Three Stacks has brewing in the studio is bound to include some off-the-wall features, especially since we've heard him on tracks with a range of artists, including Kesha, Gorillaz, Beyonce and Capital Cities. Even though OutKast reunited at Coachella to a less than enthused audience, hearing a little more of old school OutKast-inspired tunes from Andre 3000 would also be pretty cool.

Andre didn't specify a release date, but only said that he's in no hurry to release the music. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if he joined the "drop a surprise album" bandwagon, and releases a record without warning. We've seen Andre 3000 and Big Boi onstage together all over the place this year and Queen Latifah said OutKast was prepping for a new album, so maybe that lends credence to the theory that we could actually have some new Andre 3000 songs sooner rather than later. But one thing's for sure- Andre 3000 is super unpredictable, and definitely operates on his own wavelength, which makes for some outrageous music. With a crazy amount of fan anticipation, here's hoping that his new music still makes us want to shake it like a Polaroid picture.