The Sydney Roger's Syro Tote Will Hold Your iPad, Display It For The Whole World To See

I know that it's only 2014, but I'm basically already sick of so-called "wearable technology." As nice as the modern conveniences that iPads and iPhones and iEverythings provide are, I don't want to wear them. I like soft fabrics and vintage jewelry, not clunky electronic devices (I'm looking at you, Google Glass). However, the world seems to disagree. Enter the Sydney Rodger's Syro tote, complete with an iPad.

The Syro is a run-of-the-mill (the $395 mill,that is) black leather tote bag that would frankly be yawn-worthy without the addition of an iPad, which you slide into the purse so that the screen faces outward. No, the $395 price tag doesn't include the iPad — you need to provide that digital aspect on your own. The idea is that your purse now displays whatever is on the iPad screen as part of the design. To help you out, Sydney Rodgers offers an app, thankfully free of charge, which fuses "the physical world of fashion with the digital one" by flashing artsy images of flamingos walking or a close-up of a cat's eyes on the screen.

I'm sure the Syro will appeal to a certain demographic of Celine-wearing minimalist tech-obsessives, but this product is really about the novelty. I don't totally get the appeal of having moving pictures on the side of your purse. This could be a convenient way to carry your iPad around, I suppose, but it doesn't seem wise to display the very expensive product you have on your person so boldly. The Syro is like a cheat sheet for unambitious iPad thieves. I'll keep my technology hidden, thankyouverymuch.

Sydney Rogers