Prepare to Be Offended Again, Dancers

Oh no, Fabletics. Not you too! The Kate Hudson-backed activewear line is yet another brand that has failed terribly at advertising its latest line of dancewear attire. Instead of hiring a real dancer to model its new collection, Fabletics chose an attractive, non-dancing model for their lookbook, following in Free People's dreaded footsteps. LE SIGH.

Although there isn't any hard evidence that the model the company has chosen is not, in fact, a professional dancer, it's easy to see that she is far from one. Even someone who has only taken a handful of dance classes in her life can spot the red flags: her awful form, her so-called "pointed" toes, her terrible lines... the list goes on.

Perhaps Fabletics should have trained its model in a few beginner dance classes instead of just showing her a few photos at the shoot and being like, "Yeah, point your foot like that. I think." Better yet, maybe the company should have just hired a REAL dancer who could've nailed those poses like the professional she is. The kind of dancer that's been, you know, dancing all her life and knows a thing or two about form. Instead, Fabletics chose to offend a whole legion of dancers — dancers, I might ad, the company is trying to market to.

The outrage is already starting to happen on Twitter, as expected.

Really, how difficult could it be to find a professional dancer to model your line? Methinks it's not that hard at all and, instead, just a lazy move on Fabletics' and Free People's part. Although Fabletics' new line of dance attire is super cute, I'm not sure any real dancers will be ordering it anytime soon. Cheers to the other brands who are doing it right, like Under Armour, who signed professional ballet dancer Misty Copeland as its spokesperson.