'OITNB'S Laura Prepon Addresses Tom Cruise Rumors & Don't Worry, It's Good News — VIDEO

You've probably been spending a lot of time with Laura Prepon this week if you've been binge-watching Season 2 of Orange Is Thew New Black, so it's only natural that you're wondering what (or whom) Prepon is doing in real life. Well, here's who she's not doing: Tom Cruise. Laura Prepon confirmed she is not dating Tom Cruise when she appeared on The Late Show to chat about OINTB. We all can sleep now that we know that those rumors were entirely fiction. Also, for the curious: she did not jump on the couch.

So, anyway, despite the fact that Prepon is indeed associated with Scientology, this doesn't mean that the two are dating. We thought we had already put to bed the rumors that the two scientologists were a thing, but apparently, people found it plausible, and you know, the Internet exists and what not.

Luckily, though, for anyone who still needed confirmation that two are not an item, Prepon has given us the certifiable "no." She did, however, say that she was flattered that the rumors even existed, and hey — for all of Cruise's uh, eccentricities, he is historically a stud by Hollywood standards.

You can watch Prepon's assertion below, and then you can go back to watching her on OINTB.