All Together Now: Awww!

The subjects of Boston-based photographer Kaylee Greer’s portraits aren’t your standard, run-of-the-mill, only-walks-on-two-legs human ones. Who needs those when you’ve got a few happy, playful dogs around? Greer’s studio, Dog Breath Photography, specializes in “unique, whimsical, happy, drooling, colorful, wagging pet portraits,” and believe you me — they’re just the thing to brighten up your day, even if you don’t have pets of your own. Seriously, you guys. There is so much cute here I can barely stand it.

A graduate of the University of Tampa in southwest Florida, Greer began her post-collegiate photography career snapping shots of landscapes, architecture, and portraits; however, she soon realized that what she should really be photographing were the things she’s most passionate about: Dogs. Said Greer recently to Bored Panda, "If you ever thought about living your passion — about doing the one thing in the world that ignites your heart in a happy fire — do it. It's never too late. To combine animals and art — the two things I love most in this world — became my wildest dream." And with subjects like Bugsy the 8-year-old pit bull mix:

Logan the dachshund:

Rowan here:

The bouncy ball of energy that is Maggie:

And Eagle up top, who could blame her? Not us. For the curious, she also does cats, horses, and pretty much anything else that’s four-legged and furry:

All together, now: Awwwwwww!

“It is my personal belief that there is more happiness glittering in the iris of a smiling puppy than there is anywhere else in the world,” Greer writes on her website. “And sometimes, when everything else seems to fail me, I find solace in the smile of a dog.” She knows that countless others feel the same way about their pups, too, so she’s made it her mission “to pause those brilliant, happy moments in time and give you the ability to hold onto them forever.” Plus, she gives free belly rubs (to her canine subjects, not people).

Interested in setting up a session for your own beloved pup? Get in touch with Greer via her official Dog Breath Photography website — and don’t forget to check out more shots over at her Facebook page while you’re at it!

Images: Courtesy Kaylee Greer/Dog Breath Photography Facebook