8 Tumblrs All Book-Lovers Should Follow

Opening up the laptop shouldn't have to mean setting aside the books. Next time you're in the market for some literary tumblr procrastination, click over to these blogs. They're must-follows:

1. Awesome People Reading : The title is pretty self explanatory, but click through to see anyone from Grace Kelly to Andy Warhol to Jackie O. make reading look really good.

2. Bookshelf Porn: Despite the name, I promise this blog is totally SFW... but it will make your lunch break just a little more drool-worthy with these jaw-dropping bookshelves.

3. The Final Sentence: They are on a mission to spoil every book ever, but scrolling through is weirdly inspirational.

4. The Monkeys You Ordered: When you're in the mood for a laugh, click through for these literal captions to The New Yorker cartoons. I guarantee that for once, not one will go over your head.

5. Better Book Titles: They've replaced book titles with what you were really thinking when you read the book... i.e. Les Miserables OR The Pros and Cons of Prisoner Rehabilitation Programs.

6. Times Haiku: If you're feeling nostalgic for that 5-7-5 poem you were probably forced to attempt writing in grade school, enjoy these surprisingly whimsy poems taken straight from the New York Times.

7. Underground New York Public Library: We know you already check out what everyone else on the subway is reading, but now you can do it from the comfort of your computer.

8. Title To Come: Aspiring writers everywhere will appreciate the struggles of writing and publishing a novel reduced to gifs. Plus you can never have too many gifs.

Here's hoping your dashboard is now as awesome as your bookshelf.