Versus Versace Collaboration with Superga Will Give You a (Stylish) Headache

How are you feeling today? Not headache-y enough? Take a look at Superga x Versus Versace, a new collaboration launching this month — the dizzying array of color and pattern on such a small sneaker is bound to give you a dose of morning sickness. But that doesn't make them bad per se. I mean, you knew what to expect when you read the phrase Versus Versace, didn't you?

The line begins with a revamped version of the classic Superga 2750 style, rendered in a key motif from Versus's fall collection — bright splashes of color layered over the Greek key pattern and baroque imagery in solid black-and-white. There is something appealing about the acidic washes of color mingling with the bold geometry of the base designs, especially if you are an aging member of Run-D.M.C.

Fans of Superga and Versus will love this collaboration. They'll be so excited to wear the sneaks with their leggings and acid-wash denim jackets and throwback scrunchies. If you are the type to enjoy a tailored power suit, on the other hand, then you might hate Superga x Versus Versace. Either way, the collection is bound to draw a strong reaction. Want to pick up a pair of your own? The shoes will be available this month in select Versus Versace boutiques, Superga stores, and online at both and