The Best Plus-Sized Shorts In 5 Of This Summer's Hottest Styles

Summer is here, and wearing pants is officiall becoming unbearable. Long shorts, short shorts, denim shorts, flowy shorts, lace shorts, boyfriend shorts, ANY shorts are better than your legs baking under layers of fabric. There are a million pairs clogging racks, but it can be hard to decipher which are best for you.

As a plus-sized woman, I know shopping for clothes can be hard, especially when it comes to bottoms. When I was looking for shorts to complete my wardrobe for this season, I had three very essential requirements. They are as follows: 1. Shorts must be fashion forward, not frumpy with a did-she-borrow-those-from-her-grandma vibe. 2. Shorts must be in my size. This is pretty straight-forward, but unfortunately at your standard store in the mall, it's a rarity to find shorts in my size. Bottoms can be tricky for us plus-sized ladies, and even if the number on the tag matches what I usually wear, dressing rooms are necessary. 3. Shorts must be affordable. As much as I would love to be able to splurge on all of the expensive clothing pieces in the world, I simply can not.

After scouring countless racks (both virtual and IRL), I've found five of pairs of shorts that not only fit all of these requirements, but also fit perfectly with the top shorts trends for summer 2014. Read on, my barelegged beauties.

1. Culotte Shorts

Culotte shorts are breezy and flattering. They aren't too snug or made of heavy materials, and they hit at a comfortable mid-thigh. These orange shorts from ASOS add a pop of color to your lower half.

Jersey Culotte in Colours, $22.86,

2. Printed Shorts

Switch the typical style formula and put your print on the bottom. These shorts give you an excuse to rock your favorite white tee over and over.

Print Shorts, $36.95,

3. Boyfriend Shorts

You can't go wrong with a good pair of jorts! Rather than denim shorts that ride up or fit more like denim underwear, give these relaxed options a try. Comfort meets classic.

Lucky Brand 'Georgia' Shorts, $37.49,

4. Dressy Shorts

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you're into it) even in the summertime not every event can be casual. Sometimes you want to be slightly dressy, but still comfortable and chic. These flowy black shorts paired with a white button-down blouse and some heels are classy and still lightweight.

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Belted Shorts, $38.99,

5. The Skort Returns

If you were a child of the '90s you probably remember slipping into a skort before playing with your Skip-It. Great news: The playground staple is making a grown-up comeback.

Lady Likability Skort, $44.99,

Images: Marie Southard Opsina; ASOS; SimplyBe; Lucky Brand, Macy's, Modcloth