Birdy's "Not About Angels" Video Is Beautiful

The Fault In Our Stars is already famous for making a whole lot of people cry, but the sweet sadness of the movie doesn't end at the box office: The music video for Birdy's contribution to the TFiOS soundtrack is officially out. And yes, it's a nice place to spend a few minutes of your time.

The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack came out about a month ago and quickly rose to success, even beating out never-ending Disney juggernaut Frozen . It's possible that last offense landed them on the hit list of the Illuminati, but if that's the case, it hasn't taken effect yet. How could it, really, with people like Ed Sheeran and Birdy around to remind the Illuminati of their Fault In Our Stars obsession? (Sheeran's "All Of the Stars," in case you were crying too loud to hear, played over the film's credits.)

This song, "Not About Angels," plays at a particularly vulnerable point in the movie, (spoiler alert) right as everyone's leaving Augustus's funeral. With lyrics like "Don't give me up/Don't give... me up," it's pretty heartbreaking. Birdy, like Sarah McLachlan before her, also has a voice perfect for delivering that gut punch. Especially given verses like these:

How unfair, it's just our love Found something real that's out of touch But if you'd searched the whole wide world Would you dare to let it go?

You can watch the video for the song below:

If you wanna cry more, here's her cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love":

Image: Birdy/Youtube