Could This Be Jennifer Lawrence's Email Address?

If I had a celebrity’s email address, you can probably assume that I’d be one of those annoying fangirls who also turns into a major stalker. So when Lorde tweeted a cryptic message about Jennifer Lawrence’s email to the world, I got all Da Vinci Code for a minute trying to figure out what it could be and what it possibly symbolizes. I’ve had a lot of questions about what it feels like to be one of the few women to look extremely attractive in head-to-toe blue body paint as Mystique, and what her favorite snack foods are. So obviously I need her email address stat.

In an extremely obscure tweet detailing the conversation she had with someone who goes by the name (or code name) “win,” the 17-year-old singer, also known as Ella Yelich-O’Connor, revealed that JLaw’s email address has the word “butt” in it.

To be honest, I’m really not surprised if this is true because our girl Lawrence would do something that funny, but then again, maybe Lorde is just tricking us all. However, if The Hunger Games and X-Men: Days of Future Past actress really does have an email address with the word butt in it, then she is truly the source of all things great. Plus, what’s even cooler is the fact that Lorde and Lawrence are friends at all. Also, who is "win" and why does (s)he get to have Lawrence's private email address? Jealous.

Unlike her celeb BFF, Taylor Swift, does with her friends, Lorde has clearly kept this friendship with Lawrence on the down low. I can respect that, though, when you think about all of the people who would jump her (and who don’t already) just to learn more about JLaw and her unusual (but likely hilarious) habits. Lucky Lorde, because you can’t beat a friend who doesn’t mind including the word butt in her email address that she probably uses with various Hollywood professionals.

I had some extremely questionable email addresses in middle school that have come to haunt me to this day, but at least my mind was that of a 12-year-old girl at that point. Maybe the word butt refers to the butt plugs Lawrence received as a gift or possibly to the new butt prosthetic that she had to have made on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Whatever her email actually is, it’s probably awesome.