Lauryn Hill Should Release an Album Now

Skrillex's Superjam on Saturday night took Bonnaroo to a new level of insanity. Guests included Damian Marley, Janelle Monae and rapper Mystikal, among others. But a surprise performance by Lauryn Hill sent shock waves through the crowd who rapped along with L. Boogie through classic hits like "Lost Ones," "Fugee-La," and "Ready or Not."

Hill's still a fan favorite, and 16 years after its debut, her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill can still be played from start to finish without skipping tracks. Since coming out of her self-imposed exile from the music industry, Hill has had all her fans practically salivating for a new album. But somewhere along the way, it seemed that everyone stopped begging and starting accepting L. Boogie's self-paced approach. Still, it would be nice if that pace quickened a little bit because now is actually a better time than ever for Hill to bless us with a new album.

The most obvious reason that makes it a perfect time for a new Lauryn Hill album would be the lack of current mainstream female artists who rap and sing. Of course, Nicki Minaj is everywhere, Azalea Banks is reportedly working on new music and newcomer Angel Haze's music and nerve prove that she's up to the task. But that still leaves quite a void and who better to fill it than Lauryn Hill?

Shortly after Hill served time in prison for tax evasion, she gave us a taste of new music with "Consumerism," which details her issues with perceived political/social agendas. If this is the general direction her future music will take, the music industry is ripe with artists whose commitment to individuality complement Hill's style, such as Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Mos Def and MIA to name a few.By now, Hill is bursting at the seams with life experiences that could help her create some absolutely awesome music. She is a mother of six who was just released from prison, plus her breakup with the Fugees was publicized and drama-filled. But her explanations are oftentimes convoluted (perhaps intentionally) and maybe they'd come across more clearly if she converted those experiences into songs. There's already been enough said about her not being the same Lauryn Hill from her Miseducation days, and that's actually OK-- change is to be expected after nearly 20 years. But the fan reactions to her Bonnaroo appearance proves that there's no time like the present for a new album, even if it's not from the old Lauryn Hill.