Samuel L. Jackson Can Still Recite His 'Pulp Fiction' Monologue 20 Years Later — VIDEO

It's been twenty years since Quentin Tarantino permanently embedded himself into American culture with the release of Pulp Fiction, but it seems like it's been less than that in the mind of one Samuel L. Jackson. That is, if the recent recitation of his famous Pulp Fiction speech is any indication.

Once again BBC's Graham Norton (alongside his swanky paisley jacket) has proven his ability to eek out the niche celebrity abilities that will make us feel most in awe and/or joyful. These things are almost always planned out beforehand, so it's entirely possible that Jackson beefed up on the speech beforehand or even had a teleprompter/cue card situation going on. Regardless, we prefer to think in our own headcanons: Samuel L. Jackson remembers every word of his Ezekiel 25:17 speech from the cult classic, and he — like Bill Murray at strangers' weddings — takes every opportunity to show off.

We may never know the truth, but in the meantime we've been reminded of a very crucial life lesson: Samuel L. Jackson is a straight-up badass, and we should remember that throughout our every waking moment. He's also kind of terrifying whenever he wants to be. And it's amazing. As Keira Knightley said when he'd concluded: "So smooth!"

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