'Switched at Birth' Season 3 Spoilers Get Us Jonesing For A Huge Summer Premiere

It's been a long three months, but Switched at Birth is finally back Monday night to wrap up Season 3. If you thought the drama would settle after Bay and Daphne adjusted to life after finding out about the switch, you were wrong — ABC Family is continuing to pump out the contrived, largely unrealistic scenarios of relationship problems and family intrigue three years later... and I still eat up every minute of it. What? I didn't say I was proud. Anyway, the biggest questions we have right now are about Bay and Emmett's secret tryst, and what Regina plans to do about that brick thrown through her design studio window, and from what we've heard, it sounds like we're going to get the answers to those questions in Monday's summer premiere.

And thanks to a gratuitous amount of promos and sneak peeks from ABC Family and a revealing interview from the show's executive producer Lizzy Weiss with TVLine, that's not all we know. We also have all kinds of juicy info on what to expect as we watch the back half of Season 3 unfold. Before we watch Monday, this is everything we know so far about Season 3 — and in case you're not paying attention, here is your final SPOILER ALERT:


ABC Family sure wants us to think so, but if these two finally do get their happy ending, it doesn't mean it's going to last. What's weighing most heavily on Bay's mind right now is the fact that she did the one thing she's been harping on the importance of not doing for the past, like, two seasons: Cheated on her boyfriend, Tank. "The fact that she cheated and is now having to face Tank is the biggest issue," Weiss says.

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So while Bay and Emmett might be back on for now, let's not get too excited about their future. Although, in one ABC Family promo, Daphne drops a line about Bay & Emmett becoming teen parents. Please, please, please don't let this turn into The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Part 2. Please. With a cherry on top.

What about Daphne?

Now that she's in a relationship with Campbell, Daphne's spending the rest of this season trying to balance her love life with her work life, which in this case, involves the clinic where they both work — and the fact that Daphne now wants to go pre-med. In order to make her new dream of becoming a doctor come true, she's going to have to work extra hard, which means not letting her new boy distract her... and, Weiss says, this means she'll have to give something up.

Regina's Brick Through The Window Thing is "The Big Story"

Now that Regina's under siege by her former neighbors, she was not nearly as freaked out when one of them threw a brick through her design studio window as Angelo and Daphne think she should be. Now, it's up to Daphne to convince her mom to find a way to keep herself safe, and according to Weiss, Angelo quickly joins the team. And speaking of Angelo? He and Regina are still an unfinished story, which might have a few new chapters added by the time this season is over.

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And lots of senior stuff to come

Daphne, Bay, and Emmett are all college bound, and Weiss promises that the end of the season will explore everything that comes with the end of senior year in high school. "Setting up their plans and then changing them and then landing on them, as kids do, is a huge part of the season and being true to all those iconic moments for the second semester of senior year," Weiss adds.

Who wants to take a bet that there will be some sort of political rally going down on senior skip day that will land the girls in jail. Perhaps someone will chain themselves to a tree? Prove me wrong, ABC Family.

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