Don't Mess With This GIF Of Sansa Stark

The season finale of Game of Thrones pretty much covered all of the bases it needed to cover, but there were some characters who we didn't get to see. Fortunately for us, this GIF of Sansa Stark slapping Robyn Arryn should take care of all of your Sansa Stark needs for the next 10 months. Actually, this very well may take care of all of your Game of Thrones GIF needs for the next 10 years. Dare I say it, but this might be one of the best Game of Thrones GIFs you've ever seen.

I know — that's some pretty big talk, especially for a show that inspires boatloads of Internet humor. We've got mashups, Westeros-inspired pick up lines, and possibly more parody videos than the show has characters (uhh... maybe not that many parody videos. Those Wildlings have a pretty large army). But this GIF gives Robyn Arryn a lesson — and we know that he needs a dose of a reality, or to fly out that moon door himself. Not to mention, it captures one of Sansa's best moments from the past season.

Bottom line? Don't mess with Sansa Stark. Or as this GIF puts it —

Image: Pandawhale