Mom Hand-Paints Coolest 'Little Mermaid' Backpack For Daughter & You're Going to Be So Jealous — PHOTOS

This mom has skills that would put merchandisers to shame. You've got to see this Little Mermaid backpack that she designed and executed with perfection. And the best part? Kids who envy the backpack won't be able to get it in stores. It's a one-of-a-kind. How's that for putting your artistic skills to good use?

Here's how the parent explains it on Imgur:

My daughter wanted a Little Mermaid backpack for kindergarten this fall. I didn't want to buy her a flimsy plastic bag, so I painted her a Jansport.

'Cause you know how it is in kindergarten, you need those industrial strength bags. But really, this is the sort of bag her kid will have for awhile, and c'mon. Does Disney ever go out of style?

And let's give credit to this little girl who wanted Ariel painted on her bag. She didn't want a Frozen backpack! She's a free thinking girl. Maybe her spirit animal is someone in the year 1990. (However, this is a valuable lesson for moms whose kids want Frozen gear that's sold out in stores — just make it, if you can.)

The backpack is really impressive, and the time and effort that this parent put into making this bag for her daughter is worth way more than whatever price the Disney store or would list.

Take a look at the photos:

Images: Disney, Imgur