Twin Tornadoes in Pilger, Nebraska Touch Down, And Storm Chasers Caught It All — VIDEO

It's an image that's simultaneously terrifying and fascinating: Twin tornadoes touched down side-by-side in Pilger, Nebraska Monday, and, thanks to storm chasers armed with video cameras, we had the opportunity to see both travel across towns in the eastern portion of the state. Pilger has been devastated — one official described the damage as "a war zone" — and the two tornadoes were captured live by cameras, giving the Internet a glimpse into the phenomenal weather event. Two people were killed, and dozens more injured.

Afterwards, the storms were on the move: The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for parts of Iowa and South Dakota, although it also canceled warnings that had been in place for Woodbury and Dakota counties. One of the tornadoes hit the ground seven miles west of Sioux City, Iowa, according to KTIV, and the National Weather Service warned of a "large, violent and extremely dangerous" tornado near Burwell, Nebraska.

The storm brought "significant damage" to Stanton, Nebraska, and downed homes in Pilger. According to CNN, one of the tornadoes was traveling at a speed of 200 miles per hour. Pilger is a small town, and at last count, its population was 346.

"I’m standing in Pilger, and I see devastation,” Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt told the Lincoln Journal Star. “It looks like a war zone. It absolutely looks like a war zone.”

Storm chasers caught video of the tornadoes when they hit Pilger, and the footage is nothing short of incredible.

StormChasingVideo on YouTube

As the storm continued to rage on, storm chasers' cameras remain on as well — a tornado watch was in effect in most of the plains, stretching from Nebraska to Minnesota. Of course, unfortunately, though such violent weather should encourage all of those living in the plains to get indoors, it's likely that some headed outside for photo ops with the double tornado, hoping to capture a moment that's unlikely to happen again.

A memo to all of those risk-takers: Just find shelter, and check out Twitter instead. Leave the storm-watching to the professionals.

Watch live video of the storm below:

StormChasingVideo on YouTube

A view of the storm:

And its damage thus far:

Here's radar of the storm:

And a GIF of the storm in action:

Like we said: Leave it to the professionals.

The National Weather Service has posted the following warning:

It's been a hell of a few days for Nebraska, which logged ten tornado reports Saturday alone.

New Yorkers might remember that twin tornadoes struck Queens and Brooklyn back in Sept. 2012. In April that year, Oklahoma also witnessed two tornadoes touching down at the same time.

Image: National Weather Service