Sara Bareilles' "I Choose You" Couple Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Their Music Video Proposal — VIDEO

Sara Bareilles and her music seem like pretty good options for soundtracking a proposal — sweet voice, a floaty, romantic tone. But there's always a way to level up with these things, like getting the actual Sara Bareilles to help you propose. That's what these couples did, and as should be expected it was downright adorable.

The result of the proposals were documented in the full music video for Bareilles' "I Choose You." The couple in question included Matt and Chelsea of Los Angeles and Aly and Andrea of Denver. Both chose visually compelling, creative ways to propose: Matt constructed a diorama of roses, little people figures, and houses out of post-it notes so he could lead Chelsea down a memory lane of their life together. Aly, meanwhile, painted posters that told their story — think Love Actually, but requited — and planned to propose in front of their friends and family.

Both proposals went off without a hitch — or, rather, with the promise of an impending one. And in case you needed more after seeing that video (we wouldn't blame you), there's a more recent video takes us behind the scenes of Matt and Chelsea's proposal. In case you wanted to be made envious of Matt's crafting abilities (oh and the love story thing), that is below to watch.

Here's the original "I Choose You" video:

SaraBareillesVEVO on YouTube

And the extended behind-the-scenes:

SaraBareillesVEVO on YouTube