Juicy Couture and Steve Madden Are Collaborating To Make Assumedly The Most '90s Throwback Line Of Footwear Ever

Remember the days of velour sweatsuits with logo'd butts? The days of blingy plaid totes? The days of that ubiquitous little Scottie dog?

Well, those days are back, my friends. Viva la Juicy, indeed.

It turns out that Juicy Couture will be partnering with Steve Madden to create a new line of footwear — and this millennial couldn't be more excited. I probably won't be alone, either... after all, we are in the age where #TBT reigns supreme; where nostalgia for the late '90s/early aughts is strong. And honestly, if you can't get properly nostalgic over a bejeweled cotton-candy pink Sidekick (remember Sidekicks?) adorned with little Scottie dogs, you might not have a heart. (The girl across the aisle from me in my 10th grade World History class had one of those, and nary a day went by when I didn't covet it, Gollum-style).

In a lot of ways, it's the perfect marriage. While Juicy Couture was the height of teen fashion around a decade ago, it's largely disappeared into obscurity these days. Steve Madden, on the other hand, reigned, and continues to reign when it comes to teen footwear — I know this because my 15-year-old cousin/high school fashion consultant (AKA the one who told me about Brandy Melville) loves them. Pairing Juicy with Madden might just be the perfect way to hook in twenty-somethings with a serious case of 2000s nostalgia, because heck: even Regina George owned velour sweats.

Even though Juicy tracksuits may be a thing of the past now, the brand still has a lot to offer: their super-cutesy/California girl stylings might just bring something special to the more standard Steve Madden shoe. In other words, get ready for blinged-out platform pumps and cherry-printed mules, everyone — and I mean that in the best way possible.

Image: juicycouture/Instagram