Lorde's Parents Engaged After 30 Years, Singer Confirms She's Finally Seen A Diamond

If you were looking for a story that would punctuate your day with an "AWWWW," this just might be it: Lorde's parents got engaged after nearly 30 years as a couple. They don't need no societally enforced traditions of romance! These are so clearly the people who produced Lorde.

Now, they obviously did "give in" to society, eventually — the entire family took a trip to Niagara Falls for the occasion, after all, and that's pretty much the gleaming queen of the engagement/marriage stereotypes. But after 30 years together, it hardly even counts as cliche anymore; we're pretty sure after year 15, it all blends into beautiful irony. It certainly makes us want to hear their love story.

Lorde, perhaps bucking her own teenage cliches and sensing how cool her parents seem, tweeted about the occasion. "BEST DAY — went to niagara falls — my dad proposed to my mum after almost 30 years together," she wrote. It was followed by a pretty impressive stream of emojis, too, which we think these days means she's sincere?

After the tweet, Lorde must have received a bunch of responses that can be summed up in "What, so you've finally seen a diamond in the flesh now?? LOOOOOL," to which she tweeted again:

Really, though, those diamond jokes probably should have happened around the time Lorde went to the Grammys.

Here's Lorde's engagement tweet:

Like we said, "Awww."