'Game of Thrones' SPCA Spoof With Sarah McLachlan Song Begs You to Lock Up the Dragons — VIDEO

Those dragons on Game of Thrones sure got out of control in the Season 4 finale. If only Mereen had an SPCA with a commercial featuring Lilith Fair chanteuse Sarah McLachlan's voice... oh! Would you look at that. Now they do! Thanks to the funny folks at The Daily Dot, we have this Game of Thrones SPCA spoof. If you lock up a dragon, you'll save those dying goats. Those goats need your protection and your $18 a month (or 60 cents a day, however you like to look at it when you're balancing your check book).

All you have to do is call 1-800-DRA-CARYS. (Boom.)

Unfortunately, there's no option to adopt a dragon, but based on what we saw in the last episode, those guys look like pretty tough babies for even a Mother of Dragon to handle. There's also no reward payment if you find Drogon, but that's a whole other announcement the folks of Mereen would have to deal with. Now we just need a response video from Danaerys telling her people, "HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIVES."

Bottom line: between the goats, the dragons, and even those dire wolves, we need more animal activism in Westeros. And apparently, more Sarah McLachlan, too. What better way to soften these characters' power-hungry hearts than by giving them quiet ballads from the late '90s?

You can check it out below:

The Daily Dot on YouTube

Image: HBO